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1,195 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows 300 pins. 30 specials are listed below.

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Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
Gate hinge by boltFound2012Nymph Munzee #76alohakas04 hrs 01 min14 miles-
Generic NamesethnlynNymph Munzee #396RvaFuskaaja10 hrs 55 min14 miles-
Lamppost 23dorsetknobNymph Munzee #574Bambusznad10 hrs 57 min29 miles-
Tp 811125Bunny993Nimble Nymph #542StealthRT03 hrs 59 min35 miles-
Beambridge Low Bridge SignglydersNymph Munzee #126wakefieldbob00 hrs 17 min46 miles-
Lamp post 4 door (c)derwentdaleNymph Munzee #1125KingPrawn02 hrs 11 min47 miles-
lay by animals in distress signbayvistaNymph Munzee #649judel07 hrs 09 min53 miles-
Portsmouth viewdannyboy638MC Nymph Munzee #832MeliCaching04 hrs 59 min59 miles-
Anglesea Road LP 8chuckysbackNymph Munzee #1003mdtt02 hrs 17 min61 miles-
Hundred Acre WoodsChocolatefairyNymph Munzee #1063helbren06 hrs 52 min61 miles-
Twohoots Lp51twohootsNymph Munzee #641ShadowChasers00 hrs 50 min68 miles-
Fence GreenietrevosetreckersNymph Munzee #750paddleaway09 hrs 38 min70 miles-
M & S #6YorkshireTaffNymph Munzee #763Dad3502 hrs 48 min73 miles-
HingesMadDogLadyNymph Munzee #657MonsterBebe02 hrs 55 min74 miles-
Lp23Onepiggy7274Nymph Munzee #839plenysmv11 hrs 11 min74 miles-
Hawthorn roadjesterjeff007Nymph Munzee #226Chrislan00 hrs 46 min75 miles-
lp3twohootsNymph Munzee #764Jpls201103 hrs 50 min75 miles-
Have a seatlloyd77Nymph Munzee #399robfire06 hrs 38 min79 miles-
Main gateCazmoNymph Munzee #344martinp1307 hrs 21 min89 miles-
Pirate PostJerseyGeocacherNymph Munzee #1046JustRachel00 hrs 04 min96 miles-
SignMunzeepainterNymph Munzee #497SnR00 hrs 24 min110 miles-
Hello worldclairhoyesNymph Munzee #1045CACHEEATER10 hrs 07 min111 miles-
Cycles And PedestrianslankyspankyNymph Munzee #1027AZJEDI04 hrs 33 min112 miles-
Borrowdale DriveNikki83Nymph Munzee #182hupspups01 hrs 53 min116 miles-
LP23Found2012Nymph Munzee #407naturelover11 hrs 15 min116 miles-
The Long Man at WilmingtonEd2EdNymph Munzee #320cptcranky05 hrs 22 min117 miles-
Bissoe Valley #9GribbenNymph Munzee #99WiseOldWizard08 hrs 02 min120 miles-
Costa Coffee?!JemmaJ1983Nymph Munzee #615BigLion06 hrs 49 min126 miles-
F1 14 BVBizzehNymph Munzee #997Ragge111 hrs 38 min127 miles-
Bearsted RoadGunnerSteveNymph Munzee #210CrazyLadyLisa04 hrs 58 min139 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time

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