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669 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows 300 pins. 30 specials are listed below.

Unable to show capped status of mythologicals, no player name given

Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
Poole pilsleyguypilsleyguyElekter #806Wellies00 hrs 06 min23 miles-
Sidmouth Virtual MunzeewalktohereElekter #690FromTheTardis02 hrs 00 min36 miles-
Roundabout the Parkway 5 by artofmunzeeingartofmunzeeingElekter #747AADT02 hrs 14 min47 miles-
A38 ServicesChrionsElekter #670CarsBoy04 hrs 17 min49 miles-
Quick Deploy by holroydmooholroydmooElekter #507pulda100 hrs 47 min50 miles-
Chuckys Stokes Bay Yellow VirtualchuckysbackElekter #88johanenpaula01 hrs 13 min59 miles-
M3-A34 Junction by Bunny993Bunny993Elekter #627wvkiwi05 hrs 53 min62 miles-
Kwik FitTheEvilPolesElekter #281atrus00102 hrs 15 min63 miles-
Quick Deploy by WriteAndManeWriteAndManeElekter #64richardg0102 hrs 38 min70 miles-
Quick Deploy by duncandilliesduncandilliesElekter #786sashimi00 hrs 25 min74 miles-
White M4 4armchairElekter #717dtcharlie05 hrs 49 min76 miles-
Electric MysterywalktohereElekter #604Clareppuccino01 hrs 58 min78 miles-
The Nearly Home Trees Virtual MunzeeDaviegElekter #242Krauseengineer00 hrs 49 min81 miles-
Westward Ho! Rainbow 3GmomSElekter #368Hummelchen03 hrs 20 min85 miles-
U55 Moor Green mapUnicorn55Elekter #460LozzieNick00 hrs 43 min89 miles-
A30 Plusha Services MVM 1lloyd77Elekter #533mrscb02 hrs 15 min89 miles-
MVM Nisa Local.zorkElekter #343Arrrow05 hrs 25 min93 miles-
Quick Deploy By RoamishRoamishElekter #84halizwein00 hrs 39 min105 miles-
On the A34norfolk12Elekter #291Heinis00 hrs 13 min105 miles-
AaaaarrrrrrrggggjhhhwindywetmudElekter #663Blanchards02 hrs 58 min108 miles-
WembleyBasilgasElekter #556Rawhyd03 hrs 31 min117 miles-
Quick Deploy By gidschigumgidschigumElekter #784Rytmiorkesteri05 hrs 38 min118 miles-
Regards from DenmarknuukaElekter #8Kiitokurre01 hrs 11 min120 miles-
London smileHerbieElekter #485GoofyButterfly01 hrs 12 min123 miles-
MVM WhiteduncandilliestooElekter #384BoyBou02 hrs 29 min125 miles-
M25 queue MVMBenandlouElekter #42Acudaira00 hrs 48 min128 miles-
Quick Deploy by oldunoldunElekter #665ryves01 hrs 58 min131 miles-
LNER Stevenage Station Virtual WhiteMoonsterElekter #250Tinkerbel03 hrs 51 min134 miles-
Erlstokes Birmingam Cathedral MVMErlstokeElekter #461ChudleighTraveller01 hrs 02 min135 miles-
Happy 5th birthday Kent 2016gspleoElekter #633Shigoist04 hrs 35 min142 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time

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