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The closest 'special' munzees...

275 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows them all. 30 specials are listed below.

Unable to show capped status of mythologicals, no player name given

Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
Dorset Diamond - BaiterGeorifflesFairy Godmother #5RedCarRobbie03 hrs 42 min23 miles-
White Hart Inn, PoulnermrandcrChimera #11Teraca04 hrs 59 min36 miles-
Exmouth SquareBabydaneRainbow Unicorn #17SpaceCoastGeoStore08 hrs 12 min43 miles-
Toys R Us ParkingJimothyRainbow Unicorn #18delanamunzee03 hrs 57 min51 miles-
Garfie's M4 VirtualgarfiethecatFire Pegasus #15SpaceCoastGeoStore05 hrs 55 min65 miles-
MVM Rainbow at the garden centreduncandilliesCherub #23gmigueis04 hrs 59 min77 miles-
I LOVE YOU JANE 😍 😘 At the 02SidcupCherub #13Charis04707 hrs 40 min125 miles-
Golf viewMinitowerFairy Godmother #13SpaceCoastGeoStore04 hrs 30 min146 miles-
Over there...mankybadgerMother Earth #16Raan07 hrs 29 min149 miles-
Munzee green QR raily way sign Snelland LincolnshireJohn45Ice Dragon #1coachV10 hrs 57 min210 miles-
Roberts trail Number 1roberto2002Fairy Godmother #6dafi8700 hrs 22 min232 miles-
Green wire fenceTykesMother Earth #3dderryberry6004 hrs 42 min235 miles-
Gate with a viewIanZIce Dragon #22Raan03 hrs 57 min259 miles-
Lamp postTrappertjeFairy Godmother #22Violetblonde11 hrs 34 min310 miles-
bakkerij piekfijnjohanenpaulaGorgon #19Raan01 hrs 23 min333 miles-
Kanaalroute 069 398 De Bailey-brugPaverickChimera #1coachV09 hrs 14 min336 miles-
Superkoe 2017 MCSSuperKoeRainbow Unicorn #23Kirikat00 hrs 28 min336 miles-
Locatie SchaapskooiMariaHTJGnome Leprechaun #9Bunchalotta11 hrs 37 min342 miles-
EkselpinokkioFairy Godmother #14delanamunzee07 hrs 06 min343 miles-
Hambakenwetering 8LeusinkOgre #3dderryberry6001 hrs 57 min345 miles-
Texelgroene kastThuishuisFairy Godmother #3dderryberry6010 hrs 21 min354 miles-
A15 BorghuisIce Dragon #21Kirikat07 hrs 42 min360 miles-
Rust en GenietducksofdoomSasquatch Yeti #23gmigueis05 hrs 02 min367 miles-
Munzee PlazadjeagleMother Earth #6Bunchalotta08 hrs 23 min369 miles-
GnetBaDoRainbow Unicorn #27Violetblonde07 hrs 01 min382 miles-
Gartmorn Danger SignPelicanRougeSiren #12DalenBarb05 hrs 04 min389 miles-
Steenwijkerwold, De BeekHtVGnome Leprechaun #16DalenBarb06 hrs 59 min396 miles-
struppis #16struppisGorgon #14delanamunzee09 hrs 32 min416 miles-
Virtual MunzeeFelix11Fire Pegasus #25Violetblonde02 hrs 04 min424 miles-
SchildFelix11Siren #21AndyCam05 hrs 22 min433 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time

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