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100 specials were selected by your filter. The map shows them all. 30 specials are listed below.

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Host MunzeeHost ownerName / TypeMyth. ownerExpiryDistanceCaptured?
1c307dorsetknobSki Goggles 2020 Vision11 hrs 11 min11 miles-
Malvern DriveRustyChaconJoke Glasses 2020 Vision04 hrs 54 min50 miles-
Maker H revisitedOldFruitsPeace Glasses 2020 Vision05 hrs 45 min79 miles-
Quick Regent Park 2HugseyBearEmerald City Glasses 2020 Vision01 hrs 38 min120 miles-
Virtual MunzeemaxmaggottVR Goggles 2020 Vision03 hrs 25 min222 miles-
BT BrowstonthetrekbuddiesJeweler Loupe 2020 Vision04 hrs 49 min225 miles-
altenawijk 7 hugojeromoquaiCat-Eye Glasses 2020 Vision09 hrs 54 min303 miles-
WeToWa R-1 - C14hoekraamEmerald City Glasses 2020 Vision06 hrs 11 min323 miles-
HyundaijohanenpaulaSummer Shades 2020 Vision07 hrs 10 min334 miles-
NL Amsterdam Dutch Flag-MyV2kasimirVR Goggles 2020 Vision10 hrs 53 min340 miles-
1992afarSummer Shades 2020 Vision07 hrs 34 min357 miles-
SchuttestraatRavioliBroken Glasses 2020 Vision02 hrs 56 min364 miles-
maart 2 13paulus2012Broken Glasses 2020 Vision08 hrs 27 min374 miles-
Grüne Runde #12MrSpysideBroken Glasses 2020 Vision04 hrs 56 min401 miles-
Spaarbankbosch 1MatJar2Cat-Eye Glasses 2020 Vision06 hrs 09 min410 miles-
Laterne 11G1enterCat-Eye Glasses 2020 Vision00 hrs 50 min414 miles-
SpaceCat 11SpaceCatJoke Glasses 2020 Vision09 hrs 43 min476 miles-
ReichelsbergNexus69Summer Shades 2020 Vision07 hrs 45 min489 miles-
Laterne Im GeisbaumAusserRuedigerPeace Glasses 2020 Vision01 hrs 15 min492 miles-
FC BASEL - AZ32Eagle08Hunting Glasses 2020 Vision10 hrs 11 min501 miles-
Pegasus-Weide #16SachensucherHBAviators 2020 Vision08 hrs 05 min511 miles-
Glemseck 18MiezePeace Glasses 2020 Vision11 hrs 27 min528 miles-
Mehr Punkte für BlindaugeHBRBEmerald City Glasses 2020 Vision10 hrs 54 min540 miles-
K80 - Überall und nirgendsboerse82Peace Glasses 2020 Vision04 hrs 55 min563 miles-
Kloster Drübeck 2BellaEdwardViewfinder 2020 Vision07 hrs 06 min576 miles-
ParkplatzSpookteamCat-Eye Glasses 2020 Vision10 hrs 24 min603 miles-
Saalfeld BahnhofMoraM85Emerald City Glasses 2020 Vision06 hrs 02 min605 miles-
Flora Parkmandy1888Viewfinder 2020 Vision08 hrs 25 min615 miles-
Schleswig Holstein FlaggeLoreley3D Glasses 2020 Vision10 hrs 42 min622 miles-
MagnoliavejBudokanTBSummer Shades 2020 Vision09 hrs 27 min647 miles-

Location and expiry information is from within the last 15 minutes when this was displayed @ , check the actual munzee for the exact expiry time

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